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We offer hands-on, practical programming training to beginners as well as experienced developers targeting desktop, embedded and/or mobile platforms.

QML for Qt Designers

Introduction to QML, easier ways to create graphical UIs

This special training on QML (also known as Qt Quick) is a introduction for designers that want to create meaningful UI/UX with Qt Qml language.

The QML training helps you to:

  • use QML to create rapid prototyping / graphical User Interfaces
  • easier create beautiful, pixel perfect UIs and lightweight, touch-enabled apps with Qt
  • Achieve better designer/developer comunication

Content covers:

  • Introduction to the QML language and declarative programming
  • Complex list views including data provided from C++ models
  • Custom objects implemented using Qt Quick scene graph
  • Profiling and best practices for optimal performance

Course information:

Target audience: UI/UX designers targeting embedded and/or mobile platforms and/or desktop systems
Prerequisite: None
Duration: A class usually takes 3 days
Sign up: Please contact us at or fill out our training survey to let us help you tailor your on-site training


extra value

Why learn about QML?

QML (Qt Quick) is

  • a declarative language
  • makes it easier to create graphical UI’s
  • enables you to design the User Interface in a much more interactive way than what you may be used to with Qt
  • makes it possible to create fully working prototypes
  • easily integrates C++ backend code
  • allows UI designers and developers to work together – with the same code base.
  • enables export of C++ objects to QML to get an optimal split between business logic (in C++) and presentation (in QML)