End to End Design

Comprehensive App Development Solutions


“From Dream to Substance”

As a part of KDAB, a company with established experience in C++, Qt and OpenGL development across multiple platforms, we offer specialised UI/UX development, in close cooperation with the developer team within the company. We do this by focusing in 4 main vectors:

Understanding the clients needs and wants, the creation of stunning user interfaces that convey meaningful interactions/animations, and the integration of a consistent brand into the UI that works across the multiple forms of product communication.

We achieve this by:

  • Understanding the requirements, the users and the context. To “be” the brand. To realize who will use the product for what purpose and in what environment.
  • Designing the Flow. How the available information is split up in the project, defining how the user will navigate the informational bidirectional stream.
  • Creating effective Graphical/Motion Design. Communicating the values of the project to the user thus establishing unity and enduring relationships between all parts inside the application sphere.
  • Extensive review process. Constant user testing to provide insight, sanity checks and fine tuning of the several design/implementation versions for an effective product.


Working with you to create the UI/UX of the app.  From the first wireframe/flow/mood board of the application passing through all the mock-ups, you will need to visualize each screen, function, branding, motion design, iconography of the application, to final implementation We are there for you every step of the way.