Bridging to Dev


…a way to achieve world peace or rebuilding the Tower of Babel

Cooperation and collaboration are key to any successful project, yet when the different parties involved communicate in diverse languages, a universal convergence point is needed. We must never lose track of what and for whom we are creating.

We define different types of communication when developing a UI-based project. These include verbal, graphical, visual, emotional and the issues that arise between its main participants. We know the importance of clarifying objectives, goals and tasks to achieve, thus leaving less room for misinterpretations and message corruption.

“Avoiding clash of egos, the airtightness of programming languages for non developers, opposed to an emotional response caused by visual communication, leading to too many reviews of personal interpretation, as being conducive of miscommunication, friction and therefore lack of collaboration/cooperation.”

Can the above paragraph instead mean this?:

“Sometimes misunderstandings can arise when a visual communication causes an unexpected emotional response leading to a clash of egos. Knowing how to bridge the airtight world of programming language and the world of non developers helps to minimise these kinds of disruptions, so collaboration and cooperation is not stalled by unnecessary reviews due to miscommunication.”

“We introduce how the definitions of aesthetics and scientific theories are adjusted and adapted according to different frameworks, realities and environments.”

Could the above paragraph mean?:

“We show how aesthetics and science can be brought together and adjusted and adapted in different ways according to different frameworks, realities and environments.”


” to understand the imperative need to clarify the message objective/object of the project and bring it into form for any party involved, building the necessary foundation of trust in a team that will propel any given challenge forward, assisting each other to the best of each one’s abilities.”

Collectively in ACute we have decades of experience in “Bridging the gap”. Because we are “designers that also code” we can better understand technical difficulties of implementing a certain visual interaction or paradigm in Qt. As we are also Designers, we can offer technical out of the box solutions to achieve similar or even better results, and offer these solutions to upstream designers as well as deeper level Developers.


If you and your design team struggle to communicate effectively with code development or you feel that something is getting lost in translation, ACute can probably help you and your project.

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